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Our Services

As a Member at Brownstone Healthcare & Aesthetics you will receive:
  • Individualized medical treatment plan just for you
  • No need to detail your medical history over and over because your doctor knows you very well and by name ( Just like going to Cheers)
  • Location is not a factor: Home, In our office, In your office, or tele- visits
  • The family here is small because our membership is limited to a thousand people or less
  • Having the doctor’s cell phone number
  • Directing all you care needs to your doctor no insurance is needed but is recommended in case of casualties *
  • Wholesale Medication sold and distributed out of our office
  • We will practically become cousins
* Ask for further information on best casualty plans to pair with DPC


  • No copayments
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Wholesale medication, labs
  • Access to your physician via Text, E-mail and Telemedicine, and phone
  • Great if you have high deductible insurance plans: will get your visits and labs at discounted fees
  • NO long wait times to see the physician
  • Longer appointment times with the physician

What's Included and Not?

Covered Services

Sports/ School
Women’s health 
Sick Visits
Nebulizer Treatments
Antibiotic/ Steroid Injections
Monthly B-12 injections
Management of Chronic Illness
High blood pressure
Thyroid disease
Weight Loss Consultations
High Cholesterol
Skin Laceration repairs
Mole/skin tag removal
Dietary/ Nutritional Counseling
ADHD (if previously diagnosed)

Non-Covered Services

Specialist Care
Pathology Fees
Expanded Lab Work
Surgical Procedures
ER Visits
Radiological Studies
Physical Therapy

Covered In Office Testing

Blood Glucose
Flu Test
Rapid Strep Test
TB Skin Test $10
Pregnancy testing

Additional Lab testing are 
not Included in membership fees
unless stated


Children <18 Years College Students Single Couple Family Up to 4
Monthly $25 $35 $70 $125 $185
Quarterly $100 $105 $210 $375 $555
Annually $300 $420 $840 $1500 $2220

Membership Fees

  • Each additional family member over the 4th member is $50.00/mo.
  • Registration fee of $99 due upon singing up then membership fee starts in month number 2
  • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • re-enrollment is $200

About us

Dr. Ankrehah Trimble Johnson (Doctor Kre) is a native of the Black Belt, born a premature infant in Livingston; but was raised in Marion, Alabama. She is the daughter of two school teachers and her father is a Baptist pastor.

Contact Info

4643 Camp Coleman Rd
Suite #117
Trussville, AL 35173
(205) 202-5650

(205) 202-5655


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