Brownstone Healthcare & Aesthetics

Our Services

As a Member at Brownstone Healthcare & Aesthetics you will receive:
  • Individualized medical treatment plan just for you
  • No need to detail your medical history over and over because your doctor knows you very well and by name ( Just like going to Cheers)
  • Location is not a factor: Home, In our office, In your office, or tele- visits
  • The family here is small because our membership is limited to a thousand people or less
  • Having the doctor’s cell phone number
  • Directing all you care needs to your doctor no insurance is needed but is recommended in case of casualties *
  • Wholesale Medication sold and distributed out of our office
  • We will practically become cousins
* Ask for further information on best casualty plans to pair with DPC


  • No copayments
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Wholesale medication, labs
  • Access to your physician via Text, E-mail and Telemedicine, and phone
  • Great if you have high deductible insurance plans: will get your visits and labs at discounted fees
  • NO long wait times to see the physician
  • Longer appointment times with the physician

What's Included and Not?

Covered Services

Sports/ School
Well/ Work
Women’s health (paps)
Sick Visits
Nebulizer Treatments
Antibiotic/ Steroid Injections
Monthly B-12 injections
Management of Chronic Illness
High blood pressure
Thyroid disease
Weight Loss Management
High Cholesterol
Skin Laceration repairs
Mole/skin tag removal
Dietary/ Nutritional Counseling
ADHD (if previously diagnosed)

Non-Covered Services

Chronic pain management
Chronic anti-anxiety medication
Specialist Care
Pathology Fees
Expanded Lab Work
Surgical Procedures
ER Visits
Radiological Studies
Physical Therapy

Covered In Office Testing

Blood Glucose
Flu Test
Rapid Strep Test
Yeast/Bacterial Vaginosis/ Trichomonas
TB Skin Test $10
Pregnancy testing

Additional Lab testing is
not Included in membership fees
unless stated


Children <18 Years College Students Single Couple Family Up to 4
Monthly $25 $35 $70 $125 $185
Quarterly $100 $105 $210 $375 $555
Annually $300 $420 $840 $1500 $2220

Membership Fees

  • Each additional family member is $50.00/mo.
  • Registration fee of $99 due upon singing up then membership fee starts in month number 2
  • minimum 3 month commitment
  • re-enrollment is $200