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The direct fee-for-services arrangement frees us from the typical contractual agreements that prevent physicians from offering wholesale prices on laboratory tests, imaging, and medications.

Yes, because we are not insurance. We recommend (but don’t require)
that our patients continue to carry both a major medical plan and a health
savings account (HSA) to ensure financial help should hospitalization or
referral to a specialist be necessary. We’re happy to refer you to insurance
representatives who can help customize an insurance plan to your specific

Yes. We are accepting Viva Medicare, Cigna Healthsprings, and Alabama Medicare.

In providing superb care with unprecedented sorts of access, we seek to
prevent and reduce hospitalizations. You are welcome to go to the hospital
of your choice or the hospital that is closet to you. And we agree to work
with any specialist that you are currently seeing.

Yes. We are happy to accept the children (birth to 20 years of age) of our
enrolled clients. At this time, we are not able to provide routine
for young children, but we will happily work with you to
arrange these.

Yes! Because illness and injury do not respect regular office hours, you
may call your physician any day, at any hour. If you prefer, you may also
use our secure patient portal to access your medical record and then e-mail
your physician. You will also have access to HIPPA secure test messaging
so that you can text your physician directly.

Naturally we provide such care – yet another freedom we enjoy together as
a result of independence from the restrictions of third-party payment.
Because we know you well, we can streamline your care when you’re sick
away from home. Many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated with a
simple conversation by phone, email, text or telemedicine (virtual visit).
We’ll locate the nearest pharmacy and order the medications most
appropriate for your circumstances.

We maintain very high standards of privacy. We are never obligated to
provide any third party with a copy of your records, unless you specifically
ask that we do so.

Schedule a free, unconditional visit to discuss your healthcare needs. It’s
the only reasonable way to begin what, we trust, will be a long, productive,
healthy relationship.

About us

Dr. Ankrehah Trimble Johnson (Doctor Kre) is a native of the Black Belt, born a premature infant in Livingston; but was raised in Marion, Alabama. She is the daughter of two school teachers and her father is a Baptist pastor.

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We have two locations located in Trussville and in Birmingham. Please visit our locations page for more details.

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